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FDR “Rip Ride Rally” [shot/edited | richy vlog}

FDR Philly – RIP Ride Rally 2022!

formerly known as Sover vs Drunk! was a motherlovin (because kids are watching) BLAST!



It’s the day before Saturday the 10th, and I am making plans to get to phill after my car got stolen and I can’t stress enough if you don’t go to Philly all year.. just make July 4th or  Sober Vs Drunk  .. its a EFFIN BLASTWere talking about 4th july, fire works, grilling, cameras, hard ass skating, megahorns, bands the whole nine.. this is what I always dreamed of doing as a young teen who never traveled… watching my favorite Bam Margera & the other local PA sk8ers be the coolest f***kin dudes ever… so I have to live it once this year!… sad enough I took a big high paying gig that was 4th/july mandatory & bamboozled myself into not being able to go, Well I made it to FDR after counting down the days till Sober Vs Drunk..

But as I see on the IG page… what? its no no date yet? what could be? why are they doing repairs and building? what happened? Oh what? its a flyer out for the 9-10th and its called Rip Ride Rally? wow..Indendepnent Trucks? ohhh sh***T this is gonna be a big one! oh yeah!

Boom! Septermeber 1th day 2!

Rip Ride RALLY >>> Saturday I jump on Peter Pan and slid thru Philly…

A Steak and cheese, some big gulps & few hrs later… it time to RIP!


 My Official Movie VLog~!

Independent Trucks Official Video

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